The 14th Assises will take place in Nantes, on September 27th and 28th

Innovation, sharing, prospective... More than ever, the Assises Nationales des Déchets mark their difference in the realm of waste management. On September 27th and 28th 2017, in Nantes, this event will make another breakthrough with new ideas, discussions that will include societal dimensions, and innovations to be valorised.

The Assises des Déchets is a unique event in the waste management industry as it is solely dedicated to this topic. The 14th Assises will take place in Nantes, on September 27th and 28th. The agenda includes a full review of the domain (technologies and regulations), a focus on innovation, and a broad debate on waste and oceans...

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Following is a non-exhaustive list of the major themes that will be addressed:

  • waste sorting centre modernisation
  • leveraging technological evolutions to save material
  • building industry and public work waste in the circular economy
  • reshuffling waste management plans at the regional scale
  • energy and waste recovery
  • plastic recycling stakes and challenges
  • the future of French EPR
  • ending bad collective and individual practices
  • biowaste and food wastage: acting together...

More information on the Assises 2017, and progressive elaboration of our programme: join us on the Internet, on Twitter ,LinkedIn or Facebook.

Assises Nationales des Déchets

5 rue Françoise Giroud - CS 16326


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