Enforce or encourage?” The overarching theme of the 2019 edition of the National Forum on Waste Management keenly questions the world of waste, echoing the movements that are rippling through our society. National regulation and territorial experimentation, individual behaviour and technological breakthroughs: these subjects will be the focus of the National Forum Waste Management, on the 2nd and 3rd October 2019 in Nantes. Thierry Meunier, President of the association, gives us an overview.

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Manta is his new mantra. The Sea Cleaners association is working onthis virtuous and innovative boat, which is the figurehead of Yvan Bourgnon’s new life. As the "gladiator of the seas", present at the next Waste Forum, has set his greatest challenge yet: to find a viable solution to clean the oceans.

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Guest of honour at the next Waste Forum in Nantes, Nathalie Gontardis a leading expert on the issue of plastic packaging, exploring promising avenues for innovative and truly biodegradable materials. She deciphers the limits of the actions currently implemented to reduce pollution caused by plastics.

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The European Union’s plastics strategy, announced at the beginning of 2018, will have a sustainable impact on the production and consumption of these materials. While the ban on single-use products has made a strong mark, only a global structural system can bring real change to the world of plastics. Michel Sponar, representative of DG Environment in the European Commission, outlined the new European regulations that he will be explaining during the Waste Forum.

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