A real novelty! The regional level now appears as the right one for the planning of waste management, in many dimensions, including a transversal dimension. This is illustrated by two regions – Pays de la Loire and Occitania. Here-below is a summary of discussions held in Workshop 4 of the Assises.

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In the field of energy recovery, most technologies are very mature. And yet, new technologies or “technological building blocks” are being developed to improve them even more. Positives effects of land planning and of organisation efforts are also expected in terms of developing adequate energy recovery schemes. Here-below is a summary of discussions held in Worskhop 5 of the Assises.

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems are a French specificity. At European level, only five EPR channels are imposed by the framework directive: packages, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), end-of-life vehicles, storage batteries and batteries. There are about 15 ERP channels, in France, and about 20 eco-organisations. Current schemes need to be developed to become a sustainable industry based on circular economy. Here-below is a summary of the discussions held in Worskhop 6 of the Assises.

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Aware of the fact the plastics industry conveys the negative image of a waste generator, the Plastics Industry Federation made the decision to significantly improve its recycling capabilities to correct the situation.  Therefore, the plastics industry has decided to comply with the prohibition of plastics disposal to be enforced in 2025, and took advantage of Workshop 7 of the Assises to assert its leads.

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Eco-design deconstruction instead of demolition, circular economy, labels, innovation… The stakeholders multiply their actions associated with the construction and demolition waste management (CDWM), aware of the fact that such waste amount to a potential resource of 227 million tons per year.
Minutes of workshop 8 of the Assises.

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A third of all household waste materials are bio-waste to which must be added a significant quantity coming from larger organizations. Hence, the cost and impact of this resource must be addressed. Following the new regulations governing composting, the new framework of energy transition law sends another strong signal. The reduction of bio-waste materials and of their landfilling, the improvement of the material recycling rate, the generalization of source sorting before 2025 are new objectives. Minutes of Workshop 9 of the Assises.

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Eco-Emballages has always been a partner of the Assises des Déchets. The longstanding collaboration continues to develop, as part of co-production dynamics of major importance in the realm of waste. Analysis by Johann Leconte, special advisor of the general manager of Eco-Emballages.

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