The Run Eco Team project, conducted in association with the IRU company, won the Award of the Assises des Déchets 2017 Speed Meetings Innovation competition, in the societal initiatives category.  

Prince Albert of Monaco and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, are already great fans. Both personalities and thousands of anonymous individuals have been seduced by the Run Eco Team initiative. The principle is very simple: each time a "green runner" who is jogging finds a piece of waste on the track, he/she picks it up, takes a photo and publishes her/his harvest on the Run Eco Team Facebook Page, and/or on the main social networks (Twitter, Instagram). And it works! In Nantes, Antoine Tresse, right-hand man of Nicolas Lemonnier, the founder of the Run Eco Team association, announced that more than 20,000 joggers are taking part in this initiative. This amounts to 19 tons of waste collected weekly on the various tracks and paths. And the dynamics spreads worldwide…

This alliance of ecology, sport and social networks to foster garbage collection is a very simple way of disseminating a message on waste control as well as a great method to clean up tracks and paths that are often difficult to access. This could be used by local authorities... The Run Eco Team project certainly deserved a heap of praise from the Assises! Even more so as it was presented in Nantes by Laurence Boulin from the company afiliate of Dalkia within the EDF Group, specialized in waste-to-energy valorization. Acting as partners for this eco-citizen and responsible project, TIRU and Run Eco Team are developing a smart phone application.

Provided with the usual running functions (mileage, chronometer, GIS), this application will also integrate ecological modules that will signal the tracks and paths that need cleaning, or to calculate the energy-equivalent amount of waste collected (or any other recyclable products). Here is a playful way to preserve our planet and to raise awareness about the circular economy!


The first Waste Innovation Speed Meetings

Fully aware of the societal stakes and challenges associated with the domain of waste management and the circular economy, in 2017 the Assises des Déchets made the decision to take advantage of the media coverage they generate to foster initiatives and innovative projects in adequacy with the theme of the 14th Assises: "réduire, recycler, valoriser : tenir le cap !" (reducing, recycling, valorizing: staying the course!).

The objective of the Assises was not to challenge the existing competitions and awards, but rather to promote players, projects different sizes, and to submit them to the appreciation of a panel of professionals.

There were three categories: prevention and recyclability, societal initiatives, disruptive or digital technologies.


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