Eager to register to the next Assises des Déchets? Yes you can, right now. All you need to do is a couple of clicks on our Internet site where a broad choice of resources dedicated to the waste management domain is already available, including the full program of the 14th Assises. For further information...

Since 2015, the Assises have been leveraging on digital technologies for their communication processes, so as to facilitate and accelerate the interactions and contacts with all those who wish to attend the event... and saving paper in the process! As of today, via the Internet site, the programme prepared by the organizers can be consulted and its numerous key points discovered.

Wednesday September 27. First day: the emphasis is placed on concrete actions! It will start with a survey of the waste management situation, under the guidance of the Ministries. This event is always highly appreciated by all professionals. It will be followed by 3 series of 3 technical workshops, with a focus on experience feedbacks, exchanges among players and debates. So broad is the offering that choosing one workshop is often difficult. From 10.30am to 12: the modernization of the waste sorting centres; the impact of new technologies; putting an end to bad practices. From 2.30pm to 4.00pm: the new role of the Regions; energy valorization of waste; the French PER challenged by Europe. From 4.30pm to 6.00pm: plastic waste; building and civil work waste; biowaste.

Thursday September 28. Second day: two plenary sessions and major witnesses. Following the synthesis of the workshops of the first day (organized so that you will not miss a thing!), one morning plenary session is dedicated to the strategic articulation between the French valorisation model and the European directives. Last but not least, the afternoon plenary session will be the opportunity to hear major witnesses discuss the protection of oceans against waste pollution. Finally, there will be a conclusion delivered by a representative of the Ministry of the Environment.

Last point... Bear in mind that innovation will be the guiding thread of the 14th Assises. The first day, nine project carriers selected from all over France shall introduce their innovations and on the second day, the "best cases" of 3 categories selected by the public will receive an award.


The entire programme


Registrations, let's be practical

It is already possible to register on line, via the Assises Internet site. It is both simple and practical, owing to clear and secured procedures.

If required, a registration form can be downloaded from the site, so as to authorize a more traditional procedure.

Transportation, meals and accommodation... Any questions? The answer is likely to be on the Assises site already and we can also send information by email  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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