Waste Management Innovation Award


The Assises wishes to focus on some promising innovations in waste management, regardless of the fact that such innovations pertain to technology or to usages. They shall be selected by a committee of experts, and nine of these innovations will run for the Prix Innovation Déchets (Waste Management Innovation Award) ... awarded by the participants to the Assises!

The Prix Innovation Déchets is not an award designed to challenge the existing awards and competitions. The idea is to identify original players and projects that do not appear in the conventional promotion circuits, and to offer them a stage with media coverage.

Three categories of projects have been defined:

  • Prevention and recyclability,

  • Societal initiatives,

  • Disruptive or digital technologies.

The candidates (no privileged specific status) can submit their project on line (from March 1 to September 1, 2017); about fifteen projects will be shortlisted and in-depth discussions will be organized with a committee of experts; finally, 9 candidates (3 per categories) shall be invited to the Assises in Nantes.

Speed Meetings and public vote

During the Assises, the 9 runners will present their projects to the public, by means of a "3-minute speed meeting" format. This will lead to an interactive choice: each participant to the Assises will be allowed to vote using her/his smartphone.

Even though only 3 projects will be rewarded, (1 in each category), it is clear that all the candidates will enjoy a profitable coverage through the event.


Speed Meeting application form


Assises Nationales des Déchets

5 rue Françoise Giroud - CS 16326


Tél. : 33 (0)2 72 74 79 24





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