Signature of an unprecedented partnership between the Ademe and the Pays de la Loire

It’s a national first: The Pays de la Loire Region signed a performance agreement with the Ademe, at the beginning of November, for the implementation of an ambitious policy in the field of circular economy. Both partners are committed to working hand in hand to establish an action plan by 2019.

In the Pays de la Loire Region, which ranks second for waste sorting, more than 400 businesses employing about 7,000 people and totalling a revenue of no less than 1.3 billion euros, are engaged in waste treatment activities. The law on a new territorial organisation in France (the “NOTRe law”) will allow the Regional Council to enhance this strong economic momentum, as this body is now responsible for the development of a waste prevention and management plan.

This new competency was introduced on November 7th, 2016, with the signature of an unprecedented partnership with the Ademe – the first Performance Contract, which aims at promoting the regional momentum for waste treatment and circular economy (Codrec). Local authorities chose to rely on the Ademe’s competencies to “make the Pays de la Loire a leading territory in waste treatment and circular economy and, broadly speaking, energy transition”, Bruno Retailleau, president of the Region, declared.

A regional monitoring body

And thus, both partners will work jointly to define and implement a regional waste prevention and management plan, including a genuine circular economy strategy, with concrete objectives. The Ademe will provide their support with both method identification and 450,000 euros in funding. The Region said, on its part, that it would disclose its future programme in the first quarter of 2019.

The latter further announced the creation of a monitoring body that will primarily be tasked with the follow-up of this regional plan. In the meantime, the Region has already engaged into several actions: Responsible procurement by the Region and in high-schools, local procurement for mass catering, eco-design for schemes managed by the Regional Agency… These are exemplary initiatives, and proofs of commitment, before the first seminary that is to be held with the French government and the Ademe at the beginning of 2017, which will officially launch the development of waste treatment and circular economy plans.

* According to a recent enquiry by Eco Emballages, the Pays de la Loire Region ranks second for waste sorting, with 62 kg of household waste sorted per inhabitant in 2015 versus 46.5 kg in France

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