With yearly amounts of about 2.5 million tons in France, Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) offers an interesting but heavily underexploited energy potential. By regulating its recovery, the provision 2971 of the energy transition law would send a positive signal to many players.

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The waste management regulatory framework was set up in the context of a linear economy, to satisfy the need to preserve the control and traceability of waste streams, up to their recovery or final disposal. And hence, nowadays, the change of economic paradigm that is sought for with the policy of energetic transition aiming at a green growth goes hand in hand with the willingness to incorporate waste to the logic of circular economy. In this context, the question of waste status as a hindrance to the development of waste as a resource supposed to experience a new life cycle, with recycling and recovery, may be raised.

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Within a few years, individual sorting has given rise to a real industrial recycling program… which has now to move to a new level to develop and match future regulatory ambitions.

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Transition is underway and nothing will stop it. The Energy Transition Law for Green Growth (LTECV) sets precise quantitative targets in terms of sustainable production and consumption. Recycling of materials can be a real opportunity for businesses.

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With the encouragement of Mrs. Segolène Royal, circular economy has become a key element of energy transition for green growth, and more generally of sustainable development. This allowed giving new impetus to waste policies, and the whole sector – from professionals to local authorities – is undergoing great dynamics… which will be felt in the Assises des Dechets scheduled in September in Nantes.

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It was decided, this year, to significantly overhaul the format of the Assises des Déchets, with the aim of working on the implications of the new National Waste Plan. The event now divides itself into two distinctly separate parts. All technical workshops will happen on Day 1, in three consistent “paths” focused on issues relevant to concerns in the field likely to interest all stakeholders, whereas Day 2 will be devoted to debates on core waste issues.

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It is a bit early to lift the veil on the details of topics that will be addressed in technical workshops of the 13th Assises des Déchets, in September 2015. But the themes of “paths” within which workshops will be organised may already be revealed, to discover how highly topical they are.

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