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It is a bit early to lift the veil on the details of topics that will be addressed in technical workshops of the 13th Assises des Déchets, in September 2015. But the themes of “paths” within which workshops will be organised may already be revealed, to discover how highly topical they are.

The fight against food wastage in which economic, social and moral matters converge is undoubtedly the waste-related topic currently getting the widest media coverage.

This topic, of course, is covered by the Assises des Déchets, with a workshop on bio-waste recovery, in a “path” that will also address energy recovery issues, in particular the issue of the future of household garbage incinerators.

Likewise, issues related to social acceptability of facilities have lost nothing of their intensity (and complexity). Challenges related to circular economy and to the mobilisation of local authorities are now finding their way onto the waste agenda. An entire “path” will be devoted to problems encountered by territories in trying to best manage their waste.
Recycling, at last, remains in focus, the aim being now to keep the momentum in the last mile, always the hardest to run, by gaining efficiency (e.g. in collection and processing). An entire “path” (3 workshops!) will be devoted to recycling.


Path 1 – Striving for recycling efficiency

Workshop 1 – Businesses facing the challenge of recycling
Workshop 2 – Collection and recycling challenges
Workshop 3 – Status of waste: between acceleration and vigilance


Path 2 – Focus on bio-waste and energy recovery

Workshop 4 – What room for energy recovery?
Workshop 5 – What future for municipal waste incineration plants?
Workshop 6 – Giving new impetus to bio-waste recovery?


Path 3 – Territories at the forefront

Workshop 7 – Circular economy – A local dynamic
Workshop 8 – Social acceptability of processing facilities
Workshop 9 – Is construction waste management in territories picking up momentum?

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