Les ateliers techniques aux Assises des déchets

New: Day 1 in 3 “paths”

It was decided, this year, to significantly overhaul the format of the Assises des Déchets, with the aim of working on the implications of the new National Waste Plan. The event now divides itself into two distinctly separate parts. All technical workshops will happen on Day 1, in three consistent “paths” focused on issues relevant to concerns in the field likely to interest all stakeholders, whereas Day 2 will be devoted to debates on core waste issues.

In an effort to answer to a participants’ request, the Assises steering committee chose to adopt a new format for the event in 2015. It will stick to its two main principles, though, i.e. the concentration of work in two days, and the organisation of major debates in plenary sessions on the one hand and in the form of focused discussions in technical workshops on the other hand. The great novelty is that all workshops will take place on Day 1.

The 9 technical workshops, as said, will happen on Day 1 – Wednesday, September 23rd –, to better suit to participants’ schedules, and to quickly get into the heart of technical and concrete matters closely linked to field concerns. The 18 hours of workshop discussions will be summed up in a plenary session, the next day, in cross-cutting debates.

Thematic paths

Another great novelty of the 2015 edition of the Assises is the introduction of 3 thematic “paths”, each one comprising 3 technical workshops*. The goal is to create a central topic to be addressed in 3 complementary workshops, in order to thoroughly discuss it. The 3 different “paths” will explore recycling, bio-waste/energy recovery, and territories.

Industrialists involved in waste processing, along with consultancy firms, representatives of local authorities, elected officials and waste producers, from small and medium enterprises to major industrial groups, will be in the first line – in particular in Path 3, which will be devoted to approaches specific to territories. In Path 2, waste processing businesses and more generally citizens will find answers to questions about tomorrow’s energy recovery and bio-waste solutions – whereas waste producing businesses, in Path 1, will focus on recycling, related challenges and efforts to improve efficiency. Clearly, the public targeted by this 2015 edition is even broader than in previous editions.

* *Each participant is obviously free to register in workshops of several paths.


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