Assises des déchets 2013

With the encouragement of Mrs. Segolène Royal, circular economy has become a key element of energy transition for green growth, and more generally of sustainable development. This allowed giving new impetus to waste policies, and the whole sector – from professionals to local authorities – is undergoing great dynamics… which will be felt in the Assises des Dechets scheduled in September in Nantes.

Again, the Assises are to take place at a favourable point in time in the waste universe. Since the 2013 Environment Conference, issues related to circular economy has become especially topical, in particular as to the importance of improving both design of products and waste management, by taking the entire product life cycle into account. Prevention and waste management, with regard to regulation and mobilising players and stakeholders, in particular, appeared as a key element of circular economy, undoubtedly the most mature sector in this field. A significant step will thus be taken in 2015 in structuring our prevention and waste management policy.

Major breakthroughs in energy transition law

The dynamics has stepped up in particular thanks to the energy transition law for green growth proposed by Mrs. Segolène Royal, which includes a specific part on circular economy. It is the first time such a law is introduced in France, and its impact will be crucial. For the first time, the law recognises the concept of circular economy, whose coverage is going to broaden, thanks to both the introduction of challenging goals for the Waste Plan 2015-2020 that is currently being devised (reduce landfill by half in particular), and to the setting in motion of territories, which is now certain.

Regulatory perspectives in Nantes…

After the introduction of the energy transition law and the publication of the Waste Plan expected by next spring, the Assises of Nantes will thus be an opportunity to take stock of the broad perspectives that are opening, with all stakeholders. Not to mention the reflection on circular economy conducted at European level, although it has been slightly delayed by the setting up of the new European Commission.

…and mobilisation of territories!

But development of recycling and stepping up of waste recovery are not only top-down recommendations. To the contrary, the will asserted to promote circuits at territorial level is echoing broad-based local mobilisation. This is being illustrated by the extension of the zero wastage/zero waste territories’ network, i.e. 58 territories selected to answer Mrs. Segolène Royal’s call for projects at the end of 2014, and whose representatives will come in Nantes to present their experience.

Assises Nationales des Déchets

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