Les 13e Assises des déchets se dérouleront les 23/24 septembre 2015.

Circular economy, technical innovations, involvement of territories... The Assises des Déchets are once more going to focus on the major issues to which waste actors are confronted every day. It was thus decided to rethink this reference event of the waste sector, for its 13th edition, in order to foster debates and exchanges. We look forward to your presence on September 23rd and 24th in Nantes.

Three thematic “paths” will allow extensive exchanges, as an important innovation in the 2015 edition of the Assises. The first day (September 23rd) will be devoted to technical workshops, which will focus on these three paths:

  • efficient use of resources,
  • treatment tools and technical solutions for tomorrow,
  • territories as front line players.

With each path including three successive workshops, these nine debate sessions (27 hours!) will undoubtedly allow fruitful and maybe even operational perspectives, even more than in previous editions. The steering committee’s members have thus been elaborating an agenda that promises to be both very complete – and very concrete!

Perspectives of the Waste Plan

Furthermore, the Assises of Nantes will be an opportunity to take stock of the situation from a regulatory point of view. French waste prevention and management policy will take a significant step forward in 2015 with the key progress that the energy transition law (circular economy…) represents, and with the ongoing review of the Framework Directive. In this context, great debates will take place on the second day (September 24th) on these new perspectives and on mobilising territories – in the presence of the Minister in charge!

Innovative communication

For their 13th edition, the Assises des Déchets decided to profoundly renew their communication strategy, the choice of digital technology being at the heart of changes foreseen. The website – that you are now discovering – has been redesigned to become more attractive and responsive. All the information on the event will be disseminated through the website: beware, the Assises has switched to Zero Paper, and even subscriptions, for example, will all take place through the website.

Finally, a mobilisation effort on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) was made, in order to concretise our ambition, by proposing a discussion forum and interactive exchanges for the whole social body, especially the waste “ecosystem”, for lasting exchanges of information on the current situation and on waste challenges.


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