The days after the environmental conference of September 20 and 21, the Assises des Déchets promise to take stock of the lines of action of the new waste management policy. The highly operational problems concerning the problematic of treatment mode hierarchy, but also the question of transition models to be organized towards a better valorisation of materials, or towards high-performance models of circular economy, these will be the key subjects of the discussions in Nantes.

“It is a very rich sequence of reflection and partnership elaboration that will be finalized at the Assises des Déchets” accentuates Christine Cros, responsible for the waste planning/management issues at MEDDE and session leader of the introductory plenary session at the Assises in Nantes. After having highlighted the waste topic during the 1 st edition of the environmental conference, a truly active process of consultation has been implemented, in particular around the “Conseil National des Déchets”. The process will be accomplished in September at the 2 nd edition of the environmental conference, and then in October at the Assises des Déchets.

Throughout seven workshops* of this consultation, the participating parties have affirmed their shared priorities: first of all, the perspectives of circular economy, in particular in terms of activity and employment, and thus the priority to be given to valorisation of materials.

“ For all the actors, the scenarios converge, but the transition of the models has of course yet to be organized ” Christine Cros resumes. “In a pragmatic manner, it appears for instance that we will not be able to evacuate the energy valorisation overnight, and so a first transitory challenge will be the optimisation of this treatment mode. This is very well illustrated by the implementation of the ERP 1 furnishings sector, which offers good perspectives of material valorisation on the long term, but will first redirect the energy valorisation flows” .

In any case, the Assises des Déchets will make it possible to take stock of these strategies. While relying on the results acquired through the “Plan Déchets 2009/13”, the debate in Nantes should chart the future challenges and the roadmap for waste, and thus contribute to elaborating a new “Plan Déchets 2020”.

* Prevention, circular economy, positioning of treatment modes, ERP1 sectors, public service financing, industrial waste, public works waste

1 Extended responsibility of the producer


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