Assises Nationales des Déchets 2019 - 2019 National Forum on Waste Management

Waste and resources: Coerce or induce?

The Assises des Déchets has been a not-to-be-missed event for almost 30 years – they were first held in 1991 –, as they are an annual national event and anticipated gathering point for industrialists, associations, local governments and government departments and agencies. Their 15th edition will take place on October 2nd and 3rd, 2019 in Nantes.

With 700 to 800 participants at each edition, strong media coverage and, in top of all, strong recognition of their structuring role in the debates that have been taking place in this professional universe, the Assises des Déchets represent a unique moment for the whole industry.
They are organised in an original associative form and gather material contributions and issue-based proposals from virtually all private, public, national and local stakeholders of the waste industry. Their relevance and their topicality are thus usefully challenged by a network of friends and truthful partners.

A deliberately action-oriented forum

“Waste and resources: Coerce or induce?” A questioning approach was deliberately chosen for the Assises 2019 edition. “Yes we wish, before all, to avoid underlining evidences. The Assises’ role is to take the debate where it matters, on difficulties faced by the industry’s players and where economic aspects align with challenges facing society and new requirements”, says Thierry Meunier, President of the Assises Nationales des Déchets association and a representative, himself, of an industrial player. “The Assises wish to remain an action-oriented reflection and discussion forum. Questioning the obligation/incitement alternative is no provocation: It merely has to do with all stakeholders’ day-to-day life and with the concrete implementation of circular economy called for by society!

From regulations to the field

For two days, the Assises’ participants – who are no spectators and do actively participate! – will discuss the current regulatory environment, the Circular Economy Roadmap, its implications in terms of waste management through regional plans, developments expected in terms of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), as well as the European Union’s objectives and positions (Circular Economy package…). Based upon the situation on the ground, perspectives in terms of developments in the various sectors and waste management schemes, as well as economic levers, etc., will be discussed.
As with the issue of sea and waste, which was strongly emphasized in the 2017 edition, the Assises des Déchets have always made sure that urgent concerns are addressed as needed. Without scaremongering, the new and objective and most relevant information is pointed at, analysed and debated for the advancement of our trades, so that waste definitely cease to be a concern”, resumes Thierry Meunier.

Current issues, concrete solutions

The programme of the 2019 edition is not final, at the time of the writing of these lines (November 2018), but some of them already appear unavoidable. The topic of waste at sea will thus obviously be again addressed in the two plenary debates or the 9 technical workshops, in particular with concrete examples of various solutions devised throughout the world. The impact of digital technology on waste management optimisation, the contribution of waste to energy production, actions to promote, economic levers to be activated, new EPRs, recent advancements in construction waste management, industrial waste, individual and collective responsibility… all this will, of course, be part of discussions.
Sharing observations, analysing the meaning of regulatory and technological developments, questioning legal trends and actual behaviours… Such is the Assises des Déchets’ prime vocation. It is also to establish the link between the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, in order to come up with highly operational proposals and setting into action”, concludes Thierry Meunier.




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