Assises Nationales des Déchets 2017 - 2017 National Forum on Waste Management

Reduction, recycling, valorisation: holding the course!

In 30 years, the Assises Nationales des Déchets (National Forum on Waste Management) has earned an impressive reputation. This event - unique in the waste management sector - is the only forum fully dedicated to this topic in France. The 14th Assises will be held in Nantes, on 27 and 28 September 2017.

Initially organized in La Baule for several years, the next Assises des Déchets will take place in Nantes; every year, the event is attended by more than 800 participants. Organized under the umbrella of a non-profit association, the Assises propose thematics, topics and contributions from almost all the stake holders and players of the waste management sector, be they private, public, associative, local, national, international.

An essential key of the circular economy

Although circular economy cannot be narrowed down to the topic of waste, the latter constitutes one of the essential keys, namely through recycling and resource valorisation. Hence, this event that focuses on waste management is undoubtedly relevant. The Assises is indeed THE event during which topical issues are addressed, together with perspectives; experience feedback are discussed and compared; success or failures are acknowledged; regulatory or political evolutions are debated or even anticipated!

An ambition and innovation key thread

The Assises 2017 key thread is powerful: "Reduction, recycling, valorisation: holding the course!" This motto underlines the necessity to pursue the waste management sector collective ambitions in order to achieve higher performance and recycling, to put an end to wastage, to implement urban regeneration, to foster smart, innovative territories. In 2017, the Assises will also put the emphasis on technical or societal innovation prone to accelerate changes in our era of new information technologies and networks.

Two days dedicated to dialogue and innovation

The first day - 27 September - shall be dedicated to topical technical workshops, exchange and sharing of private or public experiences, often reaching out of France's borders. Moreover, there will be a forum and the presentation of technical or societal innovations.
The second day - 28 September - shall be dedicated to the reporting of the workshops held during the first day, followed by plenary sessions addressing the political and regulatory evolutions in global waste management, at the national and European levels, with contributions from French ministers and European experts.

"Let's not turn the oceans into a waste dump"

In 2017, the scope of action of the Assises des Déchets will be widened through the inclusion of a topical environmental issue through which "distinguished experts" will address the following question: "Let's not turn the oceans in a waste dump".




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